TXDataWebDataSet and LookUp Fields Posting

I think I have come across this previously but can't find it in the forum

I have a TXDataWebDataset that contains an fkLookUp field. When I apply updates the lookup field is included in the submission so raises an exception on the server.

Any suggestions for a fix would be greatly appreciated.


Do you have a sample project reproducing the problem?

I've taken it out and am trying to use calculated fields, but the Locate is causing an issue.

I can put it back and let you have a copy. Do you just need the webcore and I'll point it at server?

Send the project with the situation you need to be fixed, if possible providing the steps to reproduce the issue.

sent by email

Thank you, we received it via e-mail and it looks indeed like an issue. We will investigate and try to fix it for the next release. For now, the workaround you have is manually remove that property from the object:

Procedure TDataModule1.CompanyLicensesAfterPost(Dataset: TDataSet);
  JSDelete(CompanyLicenses.CurrentData, 'ProductName');
  JSDelete(CompanyLicenses.CurrentData, 'CompanyName');

Thanks Wagner. That did the trick.

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