XData in Azure Cloud issues

I have created an XData server that is connected to an Azure SQL database. When I run the server and connect with a client on my local computer everything works fine. When I copy the XData server to a VM in Azure that has a Private IP to the SQL database I receive an error:

Project SAM.exe raised exception class EXDataGetRequestException with message 'XData server request error.
Uri: http:///sam/Store Status Code: 500
Error Code: AureliusOdbcException
Error -1: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Invalid precision value'.

I don't understand what could be going on, or where my problem is.

Also, a second problem is I can only connect to my XData server if I turn off the Public Firewall on the Windows VM in Azure. (I know this isn't your problem. I have fiddled with the firewall and inbound rules, without success.)

The client application must be different. Try to update the SQL Server client in the VM.
For Azure you should try to open the port 80 (or 443, depending if you are using HTTPS) in your Firewall.

For Azure VM access: I tried to access the XData server on my Azure VM using port 80. I get the same result... it times out. What I discovered is, that if I turn off the public "Windows Defender Firewall" I can access my XData server. Since I have a VNET and a Network Security Group outside of the VM, is it OK to leave the Windows VM's public firewall off?

I found the solution for my XData server's access on port 80 (or I think any other port). In the firewall settings for the Windows VM, I created a new rule for port 80 that allows any program access on port 80. I guess it wasn't enough to allow access just for my XData server program. I think that maybe the XData component is using some other windows component that needs port 80 access, besides my server EXE.

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