xdata column a.userid does not exist

Hi, we are using WEB +XDAta components.
I made a project WEB+XData.
Created project in TMS Data Modeler (db postgres, two tables "city" and "process")
Saved TMS Aurelius class to My.Pas file
Added it to my xdata server project
Started it

http://localhost:2001/tms/xdata/city - started without problem
http://localhost:2001/tms/xdata/process - with error

"[FireDAC] [Phys] [PG] [libpq] ERROR: a.userid column does not exist. \ R \ nPossibly, a link to the " a.UserId \ "column was assumed."

I dont know what is 'a.' prefix and how to solve it.

need help!

This is a feature request system, not bug report/support ticket. Please send us an e-mail with the detailed information (database structure and classes generated by Aurelius) and we will check in detail.

This feature will not be implemented.