WX Pack - (QRCode Component) - How can I adjust the QRCode image to fit paper for scanning?

Win7, Delphi 11.2, FMX, TMS WX Pack, using the TMSFNCWXQRCode1 v1.1.4.7 QRCode component.

Hi, I am testing out the QR Code Generator feature of the WX Pack. So far it works very well.

But I have a couple questions to ask..

How can I adjust the size of the image so that I can fit a certain amount of qr codes on a sheet of paper and still be able for someone with a phone or tablet to scan them without trouble? It would be nice if there were a "template" list of common sizes for different purposes, be on sheets of paper or medium.

Is there an "offline" feature/function to set so that I can still run the qr code generator while wifi is turned off ? I am testing it under Windows and no qrcode is generated unless I am connected to the internet.

The generated QR size is depending on the control size - more specifically the underlying library will try to generate a QR code with the same size as the control, but it's not guaranteed it will fill it completely due to their custom calculation. We don't have template sizes as it's up to each person how big they want the QR code to be. In this case the best way to proceed is a couple of test prints to see what fits you best.

By setting the LibraryLocation property to llOffline it should work without internet connection.

1 - Okay, as for the sizing for paper scanning, I will run tests to see what works best.

2 - And the second question was answered as the solution--it works!

Thank you for your support!

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