Wrong ZoomToBounds

I have 3 markers inserted on the map and there is a polyline between them. If I use GOOGLE, the ZoomToBounds procedure works correctly and I can see the entire content of the map with markers and polylines. If I use Here or OpenLayer, I don't see all the markers or the entire route on the map.

I am asking for an urgent correction.


We are not aware of any issues with the ZoomToBounds procedure. Can you please explain exactly what differences you see between using Google and other mapping services?

see to sample code
ZoomToBounds.zip (92.5 KB)

This is the difference visible in the sample app: When using Google the map is zoomed out more so you can fully see all the markers on the map.
When using Here or OpenLayers the map is less zoomed out so only the exact coordinates where the markers are placed are visible on the map.

Unfortunately the ZoomToBounds behavior is handled by the mapping service itself, we have no control over this.
As a workaround you could adapt the coordinates in the array that is passed with the ZoomToBounds method for Here and OpenLayers.

such a workaround should be implemented on the TMS side and not as a patch in each program.