Working with Material icons


I guess in TMS WEBCore vor VSC I can't choose the icons by a combobox, I need to type in the name of the icon I like to use. How can I choose between the different styles Outlined/Filled/Rounded/Sharp/Two tone ?

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At this moment there is no built-in support for this. You'd need to manually add the style both to the Material Icons link in the project HTML:

<link href="|Material+Icons+Outlined|Material+Icons+Two+Tone|Material+Icons+Round|Material+Icons+Sharp" rel="stylesheet">

and set the class you want to use yourself, like for example:


Thank you, its working. I tried it with TWebBitBtn. Inserted the link into the project HTML file and copied (from the Google web page) for example

<span class="material-icons-two-tone">

Into the buttons MaterialGlyph property


Is this the way you suggested it?

Yes, correct.