WebDBNavigator Icons missing

When I run my app, there are no icons in the WebDBnavigator.  All visiblebuttons are selected and I see small icon boxes where the icons should be in the navigator bar, but no icons.  Hints show up.
Recreate - new/blank web form project -> add navigator bar and run.

Am I missing a resource file perhaps?

1) What browser do you use?
2) Can you inspect the generated HTML (Browser DOM inspector) that there is a link generated:
<link id="googlematerial" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/icon?family=Material+Icons">
3) Can you check if there is nothing in your system blocks access to https://fonts.googleapis.com?

That explains it.  The app runs on an isolated network.  I would suggest that relying on google anything for a components appearance without other options be reconsidered.  Not all apps have internet access.

I'll pull the app and put on some buttons :-)

Thanks Bruno.


The idea is to make everything work out of the box with minimal effort.
Of course, if there are exceptional circumstances like using a web application in an isolated network, you can self-host such dependencies.


Are there any other components I should steer clear of?  It was a little embarrassing being caught off guard like that. 


There are other components like TWebSpeedButton, TWebBitBtn that use material icons
There are components using external JS libraries like the ThreeJS components.
The jQWidget components use jQuery and jQWidgets libraries
Google mapping uses Google Maps JavaScript libraries