Word wrap in TADVmemo

When pasting text in the the memo it seems to automatically wrap at about 30 characters - I am using a AdvSQLMemoStyler

Where can I configure this?


What is your setting for AdvMemo.WordWrap and also AdvMemo.RightMargin?

Hi Bruno

Thank You for the quick reply

WordWrap is wwNone
RightMargin is 0


Then I can only assume that the text must be on the clipboard with a linebreak.

I have just double checked - typed a line into notepad and then copy and pasted into the memo

SELECT tbl_name from sqlite_master where rootpage = 2


SELECT tbl_name from
sqlite_master where rootpage = 2


the quick brown fox jups over the lazy dogs back


the quick brown fox jups over the
lazy dogs back

anything else I can check?

I cannot see this with a default TAdvMemo connected with a TAdvSQLMemoStyler


Ahh this might be relevant

I have just created a test project with just a AdvMemo and a SQL styler and when I run it I get a message

advmemopkgdxe3.bpl is missing from my computer

Obviously i dont get this message in my main application

remove dynamic linking options and all works OK in my test app. My dev app (also with static linking)  still exhibits the error

Object inspector shows I am using

Is there a suggested way of uninstalling everything (I also have radstudio 2009, 10 and xe 5 but for various reasons I only use xe3) and re-installing - and do you think this might help?

Well that was weird

Removed your controls from my app, and ten added them back and now all is OK!

happy its working now so thank you for your help .