Windows Fall creator update


After installing Windows Fall Creators update, some bpls are
no longer been able to be loaded by the IDE, Aurelius, RemoteDB,
Scripter packages are afected. triying to reinstall get an error when
compiling packages about creting the symlink files.

Looks like there an issue with symlink files with the update, maybe thats the issue.

Thanks in advance,

Omar Zelaya

It looks like Windows Fall Creators indeed cause problems with symlinks. Could you please try to uninstall/reinstall the affected packages (and its dependencies) to see if problem persists?


Yes i did, and I get error about creatng symlink files when compiling(File already exists and I have deleted them after uninstall).

Thanks in advance,

omar Zelaya

I have just done an extensive install in a computer that had the same problem. It still looks Windows Fall Creators Update is doing a mess with symbolic links. Please try to open the command prompt with admin rights, and then delete all the .bpl related to TMS Business, from both ${BDSCOMMONDIR}\bpl and also \bpl\Win64 folders.


Any estimated time when bussines installers will get updated for Fall Creators Update?

Thanks in advance.

There is not exactly a fix for this, I guess. Fall Creators Update looks to simply corrupts somehow the symbolic link. It needs to be manually deleted. Were you able to proceed with the installation, is everything ok? If yes, you should not have any issues anymore from now on.

Yes, I have unistalled and deleted everything before updating Windows(always have copy of VM, had reverted back to previos windows) and now all installations worked ok.


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