why my list duplicated when create manually?

Hi , i am manually creating the TWebListControl item , but why the result the <ul> is duplicated ?

1. my html code is simple ,
        <div class="list media-list skeleton-text">
            <ul id="id_discussion_mailchannellist">
                  <!-- expecting <li> to be added here ... -->

2. but the result is

3. in my delphi form , i drop the webListControl component and set the elementID to
    and i called manually add item ,

          _new_list_item := _listControl.Items.Add;
          _new_list_item.text := 'some text';

my issue is that i am expecting the <li> created will be inside my <ul id="...">  tag , but 
instead it added a completely new <ul> with all the items <li> in it and duplicate the <UL>
tag.   (please ignore the 1st <li> tag which i added using another method) 

ideally , it should follow the 1st <li> , which is directly inside my <ul id="...">  tag.
where am i done incorrectly ?

Currently it assumes a DIV to link with and creates the UL.
We've made the linking smarter, so it will be able to also directly link with the UL element.
The next update will have this improvement.