Which OpenApi Versions are supported?

taking a look at the documentation, it says
"For now the importer can import Swagger 2.0 specification in JSON format."

What about Version 3.0 or even 3.1?

It's not supported yet, it's under work.

I don't seem to have XData.OpenApi.Importer.pas in my XData source.

The importer was removed from XData in version 5.7 because we understood that it will be best for everyone (us and customers) that it becomes a separated project.

It’s now available on GitHub and is being actively updated:

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I wanted to try out the Generating of Delphi Client Classes. I found your Entry in the International Delphi-Praxis-Forum.

Then I tried to import a special json-File with the binary and I got an error "EJSchemaReaderException: Missing JSON schema type at $.components.schemas.Price.properties.quantityUnit". There is a reference in the definition.

So I tried to find another Generator and found the TMS-Example XData.OpenAPI.Importer.pas. I updated my components and the example does not work anymore, because the unit does not exist anymore.

Then I found this support entry, that goes to your GitHub, from where i came. So I downloaded your Source and the VSoft-Units to analyze and solve the problem with the "missing JSON Type" . And now there are two files missing again:


Perhaps the source is not complete. Can you help?

I could give you my "not working" json-File, if you want to debug it.

Michael Groß

Those files are available in TMS XData distribution, but you have to use the latest version (not sure what XData version you have installed).

You can provide the json-file as well so we can have an idea about what is going on.

You can also create an issue in the GitHub repository so it's tracked from there.