Error at the openapi generator by generating the api client

i want to use the openAPI generator to create the restclient. i have an openapi.json file from the server. when i want to generate the restclient i get an EAccessViolation with the test json (petstore) there is no error. i attached the openapi.json. due to the missing of 2 xdata documents im not able to compile the project. is there in error in the json or in the generator (9.4 KB)

The error is being caused by this construction in your JSON:

            "parameters": [
                    "$ref": "#/parameters/Accept"

Reference for parameters is not currently supported by OpenAPI generator. You will have to tweak your openapi.json to replace the reference by an inline JSON so it can be parsed.

For further support on OpenAPI Delphi Generator, please create an issue in the GitHub repository: