Where is the TMSFNCRESTClientEditor gone ?

After installing the TMS.FNCCloud with the new Setup Tool
I can't find the TMSFNCRESTClientEditor Package ( TMSFNCRESTClientEditorDXE ) any more ?

The package system is not yet compatible with the Rest client editor, we'll investigate this here.

We have added the packages, next version will address this.


We have noticed that there was an issue with the packages. Please note however that TMS Smart Setup & FNC are still in beta, so it's likely that there are errors/shortcomings that we haven't seen yet in our testing. We have now uploaded a new version of TMS FNC Cloud Pack for TMS Smart Setup that should correct this. Please note however that there are still issues in REST client editor packages for Delphi 12, so we haven't yet included them. The other platforms should be available.

Thank you Pieter for the info
Good to know that's not me who is still in beta :-)

How can I "force" Smart Setup to load the new FNC Cloud Pack ?


Just use tms self-update and afterwards tms install tms.fnc.cloudpack