Where can i change the Languge in TADVRichEditor

Hi all,

can everybody tell where i can change the language strings for the ADVRicheditor Components like xxxFormatToolbar ????

Best regards


The buttons on the toolbar are defined by:

  TAdvRichEditorToolBarFormatButton = (btBold, btItalic, btUnderline, btStrikeThrough, btSubscript, btSuperScript,
    btInsertPicture, btInsertspecialChar, btBullet, btNumberedBullet, btTextColor, btBackgroundColor, btAlignLeft, btAlignCenter,
    btAlignRight, btInsertHyperlink, btIndent, btUnindent);

You can access the button with:

  AdvRichEditorFormatToolBar1.GetButton(ID: integer)

and change the hint text with code like:

  AdvRichEditorFormatToolBar1.GetButton(integer(btBold)).OfficeHint.Title := 'Bold title';