When use TTMSFMXWebOSMaps,APP crashing.

When use TTMSFMXWebOSMaps,APP crashing.

On win10:
  when i tested on Win10, i set Visible=true, my app on Win10 can not run, i set it  False first,after the app run, i use code to set True again ,it is ok。 

On Android(25.2.3)
  after i installed apk in my Android phone ,then want to run app ,it crash,try to run it by code,get another error message which is 'Jave class JJavaScriptHelper could not be found'.

  if (TMSFMXWebOSMaps1=nil) then
        TMSFMXWebOSMaps1.Parent:= Rectangle8;





My English is not good ,so Asks everybody to forgive!

hi,  when  I bought TTMSFMXWebOSMaps ,i saw the version of TTMSFMXWebOSMaps  that is  2.1, but after  i installed it ,i  saw the version is, it is ok ?


- To enable Android support, please follow the instructions indicated here:

- The installer should indicate the correct version. It's possible that the version number of the component is not updated if no code changes were made to the specific file.


thanks so much。

i want to hide text and link which  is  'Data CC-By-Sa by OperStreetMap' ,

how to do please ,cause i set custom TileServerURL  .

HI ,i have tested it allready, but can not run on Android still , pops a error message that is 'The specified file was not found'  ,please help me again.

HI ,i have tested it already, but can not run on Android still , pops a error message that is 'The specified file was not found'  ,please help me again.

hi can i use TTMSFMXWebOSMaps offline? if  i set custom TileServerURL  whick is in my computer

It might be that the TileServerURL you are using is not accessible from your Android device.
Have you tried using the default TileServerURL instead of a custom URL?

Users have reported that using a local path as the TileServerURL is possible. 
However this has not been tested internally and is not officially supported at this time.

For complete offline support you will also have to make sure to provide local paths for the ScriptURL, ImageURL StyleURL and LanguageURL properties.

Unfortunately it's currently not supported to remove this text.
However, this is a good suggestion and we'll consider adding this option in a future version.