GetDirections crash on iOS


I'm trying to implement the GetDirections method on the WebGMaps, I'm using Delphi XE8.

When I call the GetDirections method the app crash and terminate.

Can you help me please?



We have investigated this here but are not able to reproduce this. Are you able to reproduce this with our sample? Which iOS version are you using?

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Hello I'am on version 7 (iphone 5s)

I will test it on android, can you please give me an example of use of the Getdirection method please?


Pieter, by the way... is there possible to overlap a transparent label on the webgmap control?

I need to display some data on top of the Gmap, do you recommend me create a marker without any icon and the text on it?


This is demonstrated in the WebGMaps demo that is included in the distribution and can be found under users\public\documents\tmssoftware

Overlapping labels is technically not possible. The FireMonkey controls are non-native controls, while the WebGMaps uses a real native webbrowser control. A possible approach would be to specify a transparent png icon for the marker.

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Alright, let me review the sample. Thanks for your help Pieter