WhatsApp demo not sending replay

Hello when I try to replay a message, nothing happens.
checking the log, a get:

20230205T173945: Executing request [SEND MESSAGE] with url: [https://graph.facebook.com/v14.0/1016{...}50847/messages]
20230205T173946: Response code from request [SEND MESSAGE] is 400

This is another question, how to change the version from v14.0 to 15.0 ?

If I try the TMSFNCCloudWhatsApp Demo, then the message is sent correctly, except when I send an image, where I also get an aceess violation in TForm1.TMSFNCCloudWhatsApp1SendSuccess

Thanks for the help


Job Espejel


Regarding your first question, would it be possible to provide extra information about what you're trying to do? And also provide some code snippets etc.

Changing the version to 15.0 is something we have not tested yet. So some calls might not work. You can change the version number in the TTMSFNCWhatsApp unit by changing APIVERSION const to V15.0

We were able to reproduce the access violation. This will be fixed in the next release.