WebUpdate apps been quarantined by mcafee

Since an update this week to McAfee real-time scan, I have had 60 customers call me to say there applications have mysteriously disappeared after launching them more than twice. On the third attempt, a message is produced saying the associated link could not be found. On going to the source location, the exe has gone.

It would appear that McAfee sees the WebUpdate facility as a threat and therefore removes the threat. I have had to work out how to exclude the files from real-time scanning for each of these customers.

Can you think of any reason why McAfee suddenly decided that apps unchanged in 6 months have suddenly become a threat? They do do a update version check at launch, but it hasn't been an issue before.

Indeed it is further complicated in development as on the third start, my debug apps also get quarantined, remove WebUpdate and the app stays left alone

This is the first time we hear about this type of interference with McAfee. I can only suspect this is (again) the antivirus tool using too generic signatures and your application triggering this signature detection.

It isn't the first time antivirus software causes false positives on Delphi executables.  Is the McAfee software at the latest version and if not, can you try to update? Other than this, have you contacted McAfee about this?