Webresponsivegridpanel and span

If i put a webpanel or HtmlDiv how can i have a span on more columns or rows or better layout in the responsivegridpanel ? is possible that ?

The problem is there are objects like a long description field that must be 'spanned' on more layouts or columns. If i set it on absolute all objects of that columns (or layout panel) are resized. In summary you must consider need different (and indipendent) size of panels in the layouts. I hope is clear !

I don't understand what you mean with

"can i have a span on more columns or rows"?

You somehow want a webpanel or html div to span over multiple columns or rows?
I don't see how a single HTML element (DIV) can span over multiple columns or rows. If you want content to span over multiple columns or rows, you would typically use multiple DIV HTML elements in flex grid layout for example...

but i must to set 'responsive' behaivior on html code ? i want to use the responsivegridpanel to avoid to write code ! but its not properly useful to have 'panel' of different size in responsive mode with WidthStyle Absolute / Relative properties.

A TWebGridResponsiveGridPanel is designed to let you do responsive design without using HTML. You define the layout relative to the screen size.
There is a demo Demo\Basics\ResponsiveGridPanel that shows this.