This isn't covered in the documentation.

I can't manage to get RowGap and ColumnGap in the Layout properties to do anything.



Documentation & demo is in the works to be ready for v1.2 release.

Ok thanks. In general it looks like I'm going to have to move controls
myself, certainly for mobiles. Would you agree with that or is there a
better way? Or should I use a different form with a specific layout for
mobiles but there again switching orientation is still a problem?

It depends on what specifically you want to do.

TWebResponsiveGridPanel should already help with a lot of things. How exactly do you setup this control? 

I have set the panel to align to client, HeightStyle & WidthStyle to ssAutoand for each of the layouts I have set a columngap and pagegap of 5. This looks fine at design time but when run there is no gap petwen the rows.

ColumnGap and RowGap have an effect on the layout of the child controls. When ColumnGap = 20px, there will be a minimum gap of 20 pixels between the control in the first column and the control in the second column. The same for row gap for gap between the first row and second row.

To see this in effect, you could put TWebPanel childs with WidthStyle = ssPercent and WidthPercent = 100 in each column. Then set ColumnGap=20px in all layouts and you should see this column gap between the panels.

Thanks but it is a row gap I need when there are several rows and it is that which I am struggling to achieve.

What EXACT struggling?

I need spaces between the rows.

Sorry. I can't manage to get an image copied from Word

You can use a tool like to copy & paste image links here

Thanks. This is it:
I created a demo  you can download here: 


Thanks Bruno taht's perfect. I can now see where I was going wrong. I just entered 10 into the rowgap instead of 10px.