WebCore and TTMSFNCMemo

I have the following code(called from webbutton click) to show a pascal scripter text using TMemo and works ok, but when I change TMemo to TTMSFNCMemo, first click works ok, second click or more the TTMSFNCMemo control is not visible.

Any hint? Thanks in advance,

Omar Zelaya

lfrmEditor := TfrmEditor.Create(self);
lfrmEditor.Popup := true;
lfrmEditor.Border := fbDialog;
window.location.hash := 'subform';
await(TfrmEditor, lfrmEditor.Load());
lfrmEditor.LoadText(AText); /// all it does is WebMemo1.Text := AText;
await(TModalResult, lfrmEditor.Execute);

This is the exception I get on the browser with second click.

Uncaught TypeError: e is null
j main.js:2
z main.js:2
registerEditorContainer main.js:2
Hr main.js:2
_createInstance main.js:2
createInstance main.js:2
create main.js:2
WebMemo1_idLoadMonaco index.html:55
executeScript981EC9DF5544B548B16F82D5E6A7E749 index.html:2
anonymous WebClient.js line 101689 > Function:3
mainfunc WEBLib.TMSFNCWebBrowser.WEB.pas:502
ExecuteJavascript WEBLib.TMSFNCWebBrowser.WEB.pas:506
jmp rtl.js:630
ExecuteJavaScript WEBLib.TMSFNCWebBrowser.pas:1082
DoControlInitialized WEBLib.TMSFNCMemo.pas:1173
ParseEvent WEBLib.TMSFNCCustomWEBControl.pas:1031
HandleDoEventData WEBLib.TMSFNCCustomWEBControl.pas:646
cb rtl.js:236
WebMemo1_idsendObjectMessage index.html:14
WebMemo1_idinitialize index.html:26
LoadScripts WEBLib.TMSFNCCustomWEBControl.pas:1249
InitializeHTML WEBLib.TMSFNCCustomWEBControl.pas:557
InitializeControl WEBLib.TMSFNCCustomWEBControl.pas:592
EndUpdate WEBLib.TMSFNCCustomWEBControl.pas:913
EndUpdate WEBLib.TMSFNCMemo.pas:2143
AfterLoadDFMValues classes.pas:5638
LoadDFMValues View.Editor.pas:219
CreateNewForm WEBLib.Forms.pas:3251
DoFormLoad WEBLib.Forms.pas:3334
cb rtl.js:256
LoadForm WEBLib.Forms.pas:2780
LoadForm$1 WEBLib.Forms.pas:2766
Result WEBLib.Forms.pas:944
Load WEBLib.Forms.pas:941
ShowEditor View.Validaciones.pas:625
OnSuccess View.Validaciones.pas:392
EjecutaMetodo ConnectionModule.pas:198
ConsultaSysRegimen View.Validaciones.pas:405
OnrowEdit View.Validaciones.pas:593
OnrowEdit ConnectionModule.pas:247
cellClick_EditButtonR View.Validaciones.pas:782
dispatchEvent Interaction.js:315
handle Interaction.js:249
_dispatch InternalEventBus.js:119
_dispatch InternalEventBus.js:118
dispatch CoreFeature.js:78
triggerEvents InteractionMonitor.js:307
track InteractionMonitor.js:196

We fixed the issue, next version of the TMS FNC UI Pack will address this (v5.0.0.1)

Hi, I 'm having a situation with the GetCodeCompletion event.

I want to add methods and properties from my defined clasess in scripter.When the user input the "." the event GetCodeCompletion doesnt get called.

For exmaple in the editor I want to enter "MyClass." when the dot is entered I want add the class properties and methods to the custom completion list, but i'm not able because the event is not called when the "." is typed.

It is possible?

Thanks in advance,

Omar Zelaya

This is something we will have to investigate first. We will add this to our feature request list and look into this when we find the time.


I'm not asking that the editor add methods and properties(I will do this my self on the GetCodeCompletion event), the problem right now is that when the user enters the ".", the event is not called with token "MyClass."

Thanks in advance,

Omar Zelaya

The feature is more complex than just enabling a dot '.' to trigger autocompletion. It should not trigger when there is no keyword in front, so we are investigating.