webcode or unigui

Hi, give me any reasons to choice webcode instead unigui :) 

i already use all of tms software components and now i must to develop web platform with a DB firebird with XData as server and webcore as client page... can i do it ? 

  • all client code is Object Pascal
    - comes with huge component set already and open to use all kinds of front end libraries
    - open to hook to any kind of back -end technology
    - stateless serverside, easier load balancing, better scaleability and less server resources
    - enables you to go PWA & Electron with the same code
    - ...
  1. for smartphone, tablet, other devices go fine always ? 
    2) IMPORTANT : i can have many many users access in same time. Concurrency how is ?  
  • there are different strategies for responsive design (making it work on tablet, smartphone), either via a HTML template for the page layout or via controls like TWebResponsiveGridPanel)
    - the client application itself is as light  as HTML/CSS/JS , can be deployed on any HTTP server (farm) with its infrastructure for scaling/load balancing