webacademy session on database performance

Hi Wagner,
Thanks for the webacademy session on database performance.
I want to share the interface of some old dbpooling library that I was porting from Java to Delphi many years ago.
Please have a look at the published properties. If you make a search on google weblogic +the property name there are the documentation.
Why I am sharing is that some of the properties may be useful and you may add on new versions.

property PoolName: string read FPoolName write FPoolName;
property EngineName: string read FEngineName write FEngineName;
property DialectName: string read FDialectName write FDialectName;
property Properties: TStrings read FProperties write SetProperties;
property Password: string read FPassword write FPassword;
property StatementCacheType: TdbsDBStatementCacheType read FStatementCacheType write FStatementCacheType default sctLRU;
property StatementCacheSize: Integer read FStatementCacheSize write FStatementCacheSize default 10;
property InitialCapacity: Integer read FInitialCapacity write FInitialCapacity default 1;
property MaxCapacity: Integer read FMaxCapacity write FMaxCapacity default 15;
property CapacityIncrement: Integer read FCapacityIncrement write FCapacityIncrement default 1;
property LoginDelay: Integer read FLoginDelay write FLoginDelay default 0;
property IdleConnectionTrustDuration: Integer read FIdleConnectionTrustDuration write FIdleConnectionTrustDuration default 0;
property RemoveUsedConnection: Boolean read FRemoveUsedConnection write FRemoveUsedConnection default False;
property AllowShrinking: Boolean read FAllowShrinking write FAllowShrinking default True;
property ShrinkFrequency: Integer read FShrinkFrequency write FShrinkFrequency default 900;
property TestFrequency: Integer read FTestFrequency write FTestFrequency default 0;
property TestOnReserve: Boolean read FTestOnReserve write FTestOnReserve default False;
property TestOnCreate: Boolean read FTestOnCreate write FTestOnCreate default False;
property TestOnRelease: Boolean read FTestOnRelease write FTestOnRelease default False;
property ReserveTimeout: Integer read FReserveTimeout write FReserveTimeout default 10;
property CreationRetryFrequency: Integer read FCreationRetryFrequency write FCreationRetryFrequency default 0;
property InactivityTimeout: Integer read FInactivityTimeout write FInactivityTimeout default 0;
property TestTableName: string read FTestTableName write FTestTableName;
property InitSQL: string read FInitSQL write FInitSQL;

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Thank you, @Mehmet_Emin_Borbor.