Web Document Access?

I am playing with the TTMSFNCWebBrowser component V
Is there a way to grab the returned html "Document" or Response Headers? I need to grab as much data that is returned from the web server as possible.

Using Delphi's TWebBrowser this is done like this:
var HTMLDoc : OleVariant;
WebBrowser : TWebBrowser;
HTMLDoc := WebBrowser.Document as IHTMLDocument2; // see MSHTML.pas

And then you can inspect the returned HTML Elements.

Is this possible with the TTMSFNCWebBrowser component? The supplied documentation(PDF) for this is only 7 pages long and doesn't explain much. If you have more robust docs or a good example somewhere, please direct me.



There is no DOM access provided so far. You can access HTML / document elements by executing JavaScript, but the current access is limited to return strings only. You can access values with TMSFNCWebBrowser1.ExecuteJavaScript or TMSFNCWebBrowser1.ExecuteJavaScriptSync if you want a synchronous solution.