TTMSFNCWebBrowser: access HTML code of the displayed web page


is it possible to access the HTML code of a displayed web page? Something like OuterHTML in "old" days? Sometimes I need to parse the content of a page for certain items

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Yes, please look at this thread:

Many thanks, works nicely

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may I ask some follow-up questions:

  1. unescape is deprecated in Javascript. Is it still the preferred option or would you recommend an alternative?
  2. What is the background for parsing AValue as TJSONObject? As far as I can see you could also directly use the string returned by Javascript?
  3. Would any of the functions from FNCUtils be preferrable in that case?

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  1. You could use alternatives, such as decodeURI instead (which replaces unescape)
  2. It makes sure encoding in a string is properly handled. as the body may contain special characters and escaped characters, we used this method. You can ofcourse return a plain string, but string encoding will not be properly handled then. For strings that don't escape characters, you don't need to use the unscape/decodeURI approach.
  3. You could use the TTMSFNCUtils.ParseJSON and handle it at client-level instead of letting the browser handle the encoding. It's unclear what the outcome is because we haven't tested this approach.