Web Core, FNC Grid Component and styles

How we can apply the form CSS and stye also to FNC components?
We have to manage them in different way?

In forms with FNC components we have to use 2 different styling system?


This is probably the biggest reason why I avoid the use of FNC... Nothing worse than working on styling something and then running into the dreaded 'canvas' tag..... :frowning:

In my themes, most everything is handled through CSS variables. So switching themes is just a matter of setting the variables to a different set of values, and everything is derived from them. What I've played around with a bit is pulling these variables into Delphi and then using them to change the style of FNC elements. So it's a bit of work to setup a FNC 'refresh' function to reference these for a given control, and obviously this is limited to things like fonts and colors and not much else.


What would be really nice is if they changed the FNC components for Web Core to not use any canvas tags and do all their work with the underlying CSS and HTML. So we can have rounded corners :slight_smile: I can appreciate that it is not an easy task however, and there are likely a lot of people that want the controls to look exactly like the other platforms that the controls are available on, and with the code to manage the styling to be the same as well.

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Changing all FNC controls to work with real HTML controls so styling can be applied is a mountain of work. Potentially close to a year of work full time. Smaller controls might benefit from that agreed. Alternatively, take a look here at how styling is done in FNC with CSS styles

FNC_Styles_CSS.zip (61.9 KB)

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