Web Core Await not found


I've got a unit where I set up a connection with a socket server. A part of the code is as follows:

procedure TBtTCPClient.Execute;

I've got this method from your colleague Leon Kassebaum in this video: Async keyword in TMS WEB Core (Leon Kassebaum - German) - Part 2 - YouTube

This method works perfectly fine in my project.

However, when I import this same unit to my new project, I get an error during compilation:
identifier not found "TAwait".

This shouldn't make sense, because, like I said, the unit is the same. The only thing that comes to my mind is perhaps a difference in the project options? I can't find that difference though.

I would appreciate any help.

Kind regards.

Is the unit JS in the uses list?

Yes, it is. Like I said, the unit works fine in my other project.

It's fixed now. There was something going on in my .dpr file after a clean-up took place.

Thank you for your time.