W7ProgressBar position not good

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At design time if I set Position to 0 for TW7ProgressBar in runtime position is set to 10. Bug?

We have retested this with our latest version but we could not see such
problem here. 
Could you please provide some sample source project with which we can reproduce this here ?

Simply put TW7ProgressBaron the form and set it's position to 0 (via Object Inspector). Run The application and it will not be 0.

Are you sure you use the latest version?
It works fine here with the latest version.

Yes. I just downloaded and installed the latest Component Pack. Bug happens both in Delphi and C++ Builder XE2.

Also, why 

TW7ProgressBar does not have anchors?

Next update will have anchors exposed.

Sorry, but we cannot reproduce the issue with Position property so far.

I dont understand how cant you reproduce the issue. I have it the same on C++ Builder and Delphi (XE2) on my PC and Laptop.


I can duplicate it using DXE2, the value is 0 at design time, but changed to 10 at runtime. However, if you set the value to 0 in the form OnCreate for example, it does work

Only thing I can think of is an issue in distribution, we'll verify this again.