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given i've got following Database Scheme
and the Entities defined in Example.pas.
Example.pas (8.1 KB)

For a Customer you've got X Devices and every Device could have X Checkup Entries.
I want to be able to open a Customer and see all Checkup-Dates for this Customer.
In MSSQL i realised this by using Views.

What is the best approach using Aurelius?
Receiving all Devices belonging to a Customer is easy with the Many-Valued-Associations.
Do i have to loop through a Customers Devicelist and have to get the CheckupList for each Device and put all the Checkuplists back to one?
Or is using Views the all in all best approach?

I want to use Aurelius in the first place, cause on initial Startup i create all the Tables for my Application based on the Aurelius Entities. That works great using UpdateDatabase but i think Views cannot be created like that so i have to create the Views manually on every installation.

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You can do it this way:

Checkups := Manager.Find<TCheckup>
  .Where(Dic.Checkup.Device_nr.custom_nr.Name = 'Some customer')
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