Version Problems

  1. The StorageDemo file has "BitCasa1AppKey" and "BitCasa1AppSecret" instead of

"BitCasaAppKey" and "BitCasaAppSecret".

2. Next time, it would be nice if you would warn people when you change something like you did with the upload functions.

3. You've also broken something with Box.
Using the StorageDemo, delete the BTOKENS.INI file, then log in, then once the file listing is done, simply click the close button in the titlebar. You'll get an invalid pointer operation. It's occurring in TAdvBoxNetDrive.Destroy, FHttpServer.Free;

Oh, and the Box upload doesn't work either, the HttpsPut routine returns javascript instead of JSON.


1. / 3. These issues have been fixed.

2. Changes were done to reduce code needed for working with multiple cloud storages with minimal effect on backwards compatibility and were mentioned in the version history.

- The Box upload was not working due to changes in the Box.Net API.
This has now been fixed.

The updates will be available with the next release of the TMS Cloud Pack.