Using Web Core VSC extension for delphi/fpc desktop applications

The idea of TMS Web Core is using the delphi/Lazarus IDE for designing the application and instead of compiling it to an *.exe, transpile it to js and run it inside a browser. Now the TMS Web Core VSC extension is a web based IDE not needing anything of the VCL or LCL anymore. How far is this away from doing the designing inside VSC and compiling this into the VCL/LCL world into an desktop *.exe application? Just an idea, after my stupid first failures and finally ran the delphi compiler instead of the pas2js transpiler :slight_smile:

Interesting suggestion.
Let's see what the future holds. Our first and initial focus is on bringing the whole TMS WEB Core framework development experience for classic web applications, PWA and Electron applications to Visual Studio Code. After we have accomplished this mission, we can explore new territories.