using TTIWDBAdvWebGrid widhout Master Detail

Hi all

I have the following questions
I place a TTIWDBAdvWebGrid (conected to a main data source lets say qMAIN) with msMove as mouse select option.
this query hold minimum of data (to be fast) lets say ID, last name and first name of a customer.
so far in normal VCL application I "fetch" all the ADITIONAL data needed to be show ... on the "qMain.AfterScroff" event.
This is not possible on Intraweb because the query enter in after scroll countless time when the grid is rendered (I believed).
so I need a way to get data (open aditional query) when the user change the position of the qMain cursor. (after the move).
basicly I tried on the event of the main grid "gridMainGotoRow" but for what I observed if happens BEFORE the cursor is moved in the querey so is not usable. (show details of the previos selected record)
what event can I use? or how to do this?
any advice
tks alot


Can you please try using the IWAdvWebGrid.OnAfterGotoLink event instead?

it works fine.

tks very much.