Using TMS FNC UI Controls with TMS WebCore under L

Its not possible to place any TMS FNC UI Control on a TWEbForm. The Lazarus designer does not allow that with a message like "TWebForm does not support "TTMSFNCButton". 

I figured out , that the FNC UI Library needs to be registered in the TMS Web Core component units  configuration.

What is the correct syntax here to use the FNC UI controls?

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Did you open tmswebcorefncuipack.lpk at least once from the Lazarus IDE?

No, its not part of my Lazarus TMSWebCore or TMSFNC UI installation

Please contact us by email, we can provide the file via email.

I wrote a support ticket

Your email was answered.

I got the package file. I stored it in the TMS FNC UI installation path, and opened it one time.

In the Lazarus TMSWebCore/Component Units  configuration I added LCLTMSFNC* , otherwise its not possible to place any TMS FNC UI control onto a TWebForm

When placing a TMS FNC UI control onto the form and saving the project, Lazarus is requensting to add the LCL Unit interface. There is no difference whether I add that unit interface or not, when I try to compile the project, Lazarus is stopping the process with an error message :

Unknown parameter "-gl"