VCL.TMSFNCWebBrowser paste from clipboard and popup menu

Is there any possibility to create own popupmenu and second question: how to paste from clipboard (by code) to form field on web page (like by standard Ctrl V). I need to write helper app which simplify forms fill, by prepare popup menu with predefined paste values taken from database.

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Take a look here: Using Own popupmenu with TadvWebBrowser Popup - #4 by Pieter_Scheldeman

The sample is for TAdvWebBrowser, but the code should be the same, as TAdvWebBrowser and TTMSFNCWebBrowser are identical.

For pasting from the clipboard, you can use the technique described here (it requires you to know the element IDs)

Unfortunately this is not the case. Thank you for popupmenu tips. Please let me know if any solution for "paste" will be available.

Without knowing id (but still not as good as Ctrl V):

  s := 'document.activeElement.value = "test";';
  s := 'document.activeElement.dispatchEvent(new Event("input", { "bubbles": true }));';
  s := 'document.activeElement.dispatchEvent(new Event("change", { "bubbles": true }));';