Using a local image file in AdvSmoothTileList ?

I am working with your demo project with the SmoothTileList, the one using the HTML image visualizer.

I can see how it can use the pictures in the PictureContainer, but is there a way it can read an existing image file on disk ?

I am trying

   Content.Text := Content.Text + '<IMG src="' + 'file://myfile.png"' + '" width="55" height="70"/>';

But that doesn't seem to work, I wonder if there is a way to do this ?

Sorry, The GDIP HTML engine does currently not support local file usage. 

I suggest to use the PictureContainer and instead load the local files inside the picturecontainer.
Then use them as a reference inside the HTML.

Kind Regards, 

Actually that is OK, after reading the manual a bit more closely I now see how to update the picture container at runtime, so that will work great.