user defined image for block

Hi all,

I already created customized blocks in my application (with OnDraw event). I wonder if it's possible that the users of my application can define another image for an existing block by choosing a bitmap.
I think that should be no problem but is it also possible to update on runtime the palette with the blocks that the bitmap appears there?

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P.S. It's a long time ago that I worked with Diagram Studio. Now I will restart with the newest version.

Hi all,
I'm really dissapointed that nobody could answer my question so far.
I bought the newest version.

So, is it possible to change the icons of the blocks in the palette during runtime?

I know that it is possible for the drawn blocks in the drawing area.

Would be nice if somebody from the support could answer this question.

Regards, Rolf


I didn't see that my question is answered in "Tips and Frequently Asked Questions".

So, I will try it.

Thanks !!

Hi Rolf, see

Regards Rainer

Hi Rainer

That's not exactly the answer to what I asked. I think it's easy for the block image but I guess that the image in the tool bar isn't automatically changed if you change the block image of an existing block.

The sample "Adding metafiles as block on the toolbar" in "Tips and FAQs" is an example for adding during design time and not changing during real time. I had no time to test and try it. I will report my success or fail later on.

Kind regards, Rolf