Use TAdvStringGrid as layout component

Could I have a column of TAdvTrackbar controls permanently displayed in a TAdvStringGrid? I.e. it is not necessary to click into the cell to see the trackbar.

My ultimate intention is to use the trackbar positions to update the numeric cells in an adjacent column and, conversely, when the cells in the adjacent column are edited, to update the trackbar positions. (I was able to do this previously using your FMX grid and the result was really cool!)

Have you tried

grid.CellControls[Col,Row] := AdvTrackBarInstance;

This positions always visible controls in grid cells.

Tried it now. "AdvTrackBarInstance" leads to unknown identifier.

It is the name of an instance of the TAdvTrackBar class.
Drop a TAdvTrackBar on the form and write:

grid.CellControls[Col,Row] := AdvTrackBar1;

Do you mean I put an instance on the form?

Sorry, posts crossed!

Great, that worked! Many thanks for quick response.