Updating DynEdits Async


Can I update and read values from Dynedits in a IWDBAdvWebGrid using Async events?


Fernando Soriano

Can you please try using IWDBAdvWebGrid.DynEdits[ColumnIndex, RowIndex] to read/write dyn edit values?

Note that after updating a value asynchronously you will need to call IWDBAdvWebGrid.AsyncUpdateAllCells for the changes to take effect.

I try this way with no success. Any parameter to consider??

If the problem persists, please provide a ready to run sample project that demonstrates the issue so I can further investigate this.

You can send a sample project to mailto:info@tmssoftware.com

Please note that DynEdits[] values are not automatically updated in the database.

The database should be updated programmatically.

A sample project was provided by email.

Bart Holvoet2012-07-02 04:27:05