UpdateMapPoly* and properties preserve

After manual changing on the map Polygon(Polyline) Path location, function UpdateMapPoly* returns Polygon(Polyline) to its original state.
How to save a new shape (and all other properties) on a map?

Test App
Video 2

btw: Is it possible to get the coordinates of the point (s) of the intersection of several Polylines or  Polygons?


- You can use the OnPolygonChanged event in combination with GetModifiedMapPolygon to detect changes in Polygon items on the map.

- Unfortunately it's currrently not supported to intersect points of multiple Polylines/Polygons.
Thanks for your answers, PolygonChanged+GetModifiedMapPolygon works!

What about a simple option: 2 polylines with only one intersection point?

btw: Can I change my previous posts? Edit or Delete?
  • Detecting intersection points is currently not supported.
    However this is a good suggestion and we'll have to investigate if this can be implemented in a future version.

    - Note that editing or deleting posts is not enabled at this time.
    I've removed your previous post for you.

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