I try to use Polyline with Editable mode. After changing the polyline I want to save this updates. In documentation I found function GetModifiedMapPolyline which retrieves modified polyline coordinates.
But actually there are no any example how to use it correctly.
I have tried command
but have error: "Implement Invoke Script".

Thank you for any suggestion.


Unfortunately this is an oversight in the documentation.
This particular function is currently only supported in the TMS VCL WebGMaps and not in TMS FMX WebGMaps.
We'll have to investigate if the GetModifiedMapPolyline call can be supported in a future version of TMS FMX WebGMaps.

I have run into the same issue using GetModifiedMapPolygon() in the FMX WebGMaps.

Surely this is a very fundamental part of "editable" items on the map.
How is the implementation different between VCL and FMX ?


Please note that the GetModifiedMapPolygon and GetModifiedMapPolyline calls require a specific internal function to invoke a JavaScript call for which there is unfortunately no FMX equivalent available at this time.
Due to the current high workload caused by other ongoing projects we haven't been able to further investigate this yet. 
We will continue to investigate for a possible workaround as soon as we have been able to allocate sufficient development time.