Update Builder targetdir


In the update builder I have a number of files in a CAB that I want to extract in a subdirectory, so I set

**targetdir = {app}\scripts**.

These files should always be copied if they do not exist, so I have

File Update=Unconditional Update

The targetdir is created, but the files are not copied. The directory is empty.

The preview gives :


The TWebUpdate object has : WebUpdate1.ExtractCAB := true ;

What am I missing ?

Additional :
If I put the files "Not Compressed", target directory={apps}\scripts\ , then alle is OK.
So it seems, the files are not extracted in the target folder.

kind regards,

Dirk Janssens.

Is there a reason targetdir in INF is between stars?
I would suggest to enable logging and verify in the log what is happening.

No, maybe I marked it as bold, and something went wrong...

I did some testing: Could it be that the option "Include in Application Components" overrules the target-directory-setting ?

Yes, application components are extracted by the spawned updater app and this cannot look at the .INF targetdir setting. It is always extracted in the application folder (unless a relative dir is used in a CAB file)

just curious : how can I use a "relative dir in the CAB file"?

You would need to add files to CAB files in (relative) subdirs.
Something like

then this will be unpacked to