Web Updater Sub Folders/Files

So everything I've seen assumes that the main application and sub folders are installed under
the application folder.. i.e.,

\Program Files{App}\application.exe
\Program Files{App}\application.exe

However my setup has a specific folder for the app and every other
part of the program has it's own folder as well

\Program Files{App}\Exe\application.exe

Any suggestions on how to adequately update files in this scenario?

I've seen a suggestion about putting these into a CAB file, but I'm a little confused as to how/
where to reference this and to get it extracted.


Per downloaded file, you could specify a target folder for install.
You can do this with a prefix, like {MYFOLDER} and then have your TWebUpdate.OnConvertPrefix calculate the absolute path on the user machine for this {MYFOLDER} prefix and in your .INF file have something like


This is explained in https://download.tmssoftware.com/download/manuals/TMS%20TWebUpdate%20Developers%20Guide.pdf on page 8.