Update Builder Problems


Have no trouble using UpdateBuilder to upload my files and INF file.

However in my application when I call WebUpdate->NewVersionAvailable() no new update is found.  Am using a CheckSum update approach.

To debug my issue I set the logging option to true in TWebUpdate. When I check the WUPDATE.LOG file it contains the below.  Which makes no sense.

02/01/2017 10:22:02 : [918] Depreciation (Status:3) (Error:0)
02/01/2017 10:22:02 : [921] Net Investment (Status:3) (Error:0)
02/01/2017 10:22:02 : [915] Income (Status:3) (Error:0)
02/01/2017 10:22:03 : [916] Residual Income (Status:6) (Error:404)
02/01/2017 10:22:03 : [925] Invoice Register (Status:2) (Error:0)
02/01/2017 10:22:03 : [949] Past Due Report (Status:3) (Error:0)
02/01/2017 10:22:03 : [949] Past Due Report (Status:3) (Error:0)

Any help would be appreciated.


It looks like you replaced or compiled with an incorrect wupdeng.res file or you have duplicate resources that replace resource strings from 909 to 978

Hello Bruno,

Thank you for the quick reply.

I was able to change my resources strings to not use 909 to 978.

Here is the new log file content.

05/01/2017 06:54:56 : [918] Checking for Internet connection (Status:3) (Error:0)
05/01/2017 06:54:56 : [921] Found open Internet connection (Status:3) (Error:0)
05/01/2017 06:54:56 : [923] Connect to host :  (Status:3) (Error:0)
05/01/2017 06:54:56 : [976] System error : (Status:1) (Error:123)
05/01/2017 06:54:58 : [949] Closed Internet connection (Status:3) (Error:0)
05/01/2017 06:54:58 : [949] Closed Internet connection (Status:3) (Error:0)

Am using C++ Builder XE7.  Here is my code:

temp_serial = serial - 30100;
string1 = string1 + string2;
string1 = string1 + "/TURBOLeaseUpdate.INF";
WebUpdate->URL = string1;
// check for new version via checksum
if (WebUpdate->NewVersionAvailable())

Am a bit stuck.  Any help you can provide would be great.

I see you want to use an FTP based update mechanism.
If so, you need to use the settings as explained on page 5 of the manual http://www.tmssoftware.biz/Download/Manuals/TMS%20TWUPDATE.pdf 

under "Setting the update distribution location for FTP based updates" 

Hello Bruno,

Just updated UpdateBuilder to version    When my application using TWebUpdate version calls the NewVersionAvailable() function I receive the below error.   Before the update to UpdateBuilder the call executed without error.

Error dialog:
200 TYPE is now 8-bit binary
200 PORT command successful
213 762
425 Could not open data connection to port 51537: No rout to host

Any help would be appreciated.


The UpdateBuilder v2.0 update does not affect in any way the operation of TWebUpdate in your application. The new version of UpdateBuilder did not bring any changes in TWebUpdate or the .INF files it generates / uploads.

If a problem persists, can you
1) provide the .INF file
2) enable loggin on TWebUpdate and provide the log file
3) provide the WebUpdate property settings

Bruno Fierens2017-01-27 16:56:00


Thank you for your help.

Was able to resolve the errors by uninstalling and reinstalling Update Builder.  Made no changes to my application code because my update worked before the new release of Update Builder.

So not sure what the issue was but it is solved.