Updatable views

Is it possible to treat a complex updateable view with "instead of" triggers as a table in Aurelius? I have a quite complex database that requires a lot of these things in the application. I would like to base the next software version on aurelius to reduce the complexity on the code.

I am using firebid 3.

Does this help https://www.tmssoftware.com/site/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=8649&KW=view&title=user-view-in-aurelius

Thanks Steve, that indeed should help Michael.

In addition to that, we're investigating allowing TAureliusConnecton entity generator to import views as tables as well.

Thanks for the answers. I hope I understand correctly: If I put it in the table attribute it will be treated as a table (what in fact exactly is, what I need).

I will try it but currently I am still in the learning and checking phase for the architectural change. What I can tell so far: I am absoilutely happy having gone with the TMP stuff (ALl Access). It contains so much well done and well designed things. Great work that saves a huge amount of time and helps focusing on the business logic. Thanks!


Sorry, I meant TMS All Access ...

Thank you very much for the nice words, Michael!