Unsigned integer 64...


Is unsigned integer 64 supported?
For example, I see GetInputArgAsInt64 but not a function for unsigned. Looking at code that uses vtInt64 I do not see code for unsigned 64.


There is no explicit support for UInt64, indeed. 

Thanks for the response.
Is adding support for unsigned 64 bit on the to do list?

Do you have a specific use/test case sample for UInt64 usage in TMS Scripter?

I have a need for it if that is the question. I need to allow the user to enter a value up to unsigned integer 64 size (18,446,744,073,709,551,615).

if you mean can I generate an error, yes

 high64:=18446744073709551610; //not the largest possible
generates a compile error.

Please contact us directly via e-mail for a patch that supports UInt64 literals, like the example you provided.