UniDac and Aurelius

Just to get things right:

As Aurelius does not bother me with SQL or DB details, it is not necessary nor makes it sense to have a another generic DB layer like UniDac.

UniDac comes to play when I need to do things besides or outside of Aurelius, like issuing direct SQL statements and have the need to be generic.


tx B.

What do you mean by "to have a another generic DB layer like UniDac."?

Aurelius needs a way to execute the SQL in the database. It does not do that directly. You need to tell Aurelius what database-access components you want to use to execute the SQL statements, be it UniDac, AnyDac, FireDac, dbExpress, ADO, etc.. It's true that the "power" given by those components are not very useful, since Aurelius use a very small subset of the features, basically it just perform SQL and use parameters. So using UniDac or FireDac or ADO doesn't make any difference in the development itself, it only might influence in performance or existing bugs. 

You can also use Aurelius interfaces to perform SQL directly into the database in a more abstract way, without worrying about the components being used under the hood.