Unicode/UTF-8 Characters

I wonder if anyone can help with this.

My set up is Webcore / XData with a Firebird 4 database (UTF-8).

I complete some data on the webform Latěž Čedonir

This value is what I see being submitted to the server and I can verify this in the Entity OnInserting method.

However, by the time it reaches the database it is Latež Cedonir

Any idea how to preserve the correct characters? thanks

Have you tried this:

Also, try first to isolate the problem, using your existing connection settings, are you able to property save such value directly in the database using SQL and your db-access query component you're using?

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Solution was fairly straightforward

I had this in my configuration of the database connection


changed it to

TFDPhysFBConnectionDefParams(FConnection.Params).CharacterSet := TIBCharacterSet.csUTF8;

And that did the trick


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