Unicode / UTF-8 Characters - Revisited

You might recall I said this

Solution was fairly straightforward
I had this in my configuration of the database connection
changed it to
`TFDPhysFBConnectionDefParams(FConnection.Params).CharacterSet := TIBCharacterSet.csUTF8;`
And that did the trick

Well that wasn't it. The impact of both approaches is the same.

So I tested direct

  • a TFDQuery insert,
  • a IDBStatement to do the insert
  • and Aurelius.

The first 2 were fine, but it failed on Aurelius.

The solution was the one referred to in https://support.tmssoftware.com/t/chinese-word-probllems/21511/10


TGlobalConfigs.GetInstance.MapStringToNationalChar := True;

I thought I'd post an update to save people chasing around if they have the same issue

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