Undeclared identifier: TryStrToFloatDot

I updated the FNC Maps TMS to the latest one
I uninstalled CoreSetup and FNCMapsSetup. Then I installed the latest version of TMS FNC Maps. When running the sample projects, I receive the error "Undeclared identifier: TryStrToFloatDot". Please help me, in which unit is the TryStrToFloatDot function located?

Thank you for letting us know, we will check the error.

TryStrToFloatDot is a class function of the TTMSFNCUtils class.

Thank you for your reply. Indeed, the TryStrToFloatDot function is located in TTMSFNCUtils - ChatGPT told me :) The problem is that the compiler does not find the TryStrToFloatDot function in the TTMSFNCUtils unit (even though it is added in the interface/uses section). I can work around this by prefixing function each time: VCL.TMSFNCUtils.TryStrToFloatDot. The question is, what to do to make the compiler find this function?