Unable to install previous version

Goog afternoon to all,
there's no way to install previous version of FNC UI PACK, FNC BLOCK and other(s).

After installed the rigth version of FNC CORE, the FNC UI PACK, FNC BLOCK are impossible to install because an error message appear (install the rigth or latest fnc core version first).
I have unistalled all fnc components, installed the rigth fnc core but ..... no way to install previous version.
Only component's latest version can install ....

Can you see if i miss something else? (my mistake somewhere).


SUGGESTION: Is very appreciate one automatic function that, choosing a pack previous version, the grid can indicate the all other packs appropriate version.

When updating TMS FNC Core, you need to download and install updates for all products. There is no workaround for this, other than installing from a backup.

Hi Pieter, this is very clear ...
But the problem is another one: in order to reinstall fnc cloud pach i need to reinstall fnc core
So i uninstalled all fnc pack and install fnc core without problem. When i try to install fnc cloud pack ... i'm not unable to install it due one strange error (my first message). Even if only fnc core is installed.
I'll try to delete the installation dir and i'll inform you about the progress (if any).



Unfortunately, there can only be one TMS FNC Core active and this requires TMS FNC Cloud Pack v2.1.0.0

Thank's Pieter ...